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The RBSCC is a dynamic youth movement. The body organizes many activities in, on and around water. You will learn all about motorboating, sailing, navigation, knot making, map and compass reading, safety, first aid, technology and ship maintenance. The cadets of the CRCM are very united with their comrades. And once their training is complete, they have the necessary knowledge to take the restricted and general patent test.

Members of the RBSCC wear the traditional marine uniform marked with the ranks and insignia of the Corps. Members are divided into four groups:

Cadets, NCOs, Officers and Civil Auxiliaries.


These do not carry a rank.


Cadet insignia and ranks are red. Those of the frames are gilded.


Corps insignia are worn on the upper left shoulder.​

All members of the RBSCC have a grade corresponding to their knowledge and/or their seniority.

The sections of which the cadets are a part are directed by a Section Commander in collaboration with his officers, non-commissioned officers and civilian auxiliaries.

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