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  • Photos and image rights
    The question of distributing photos is important. It is therefore essential to reach an agreement beforehand in staff or in the unit and to communicate clearly to the parents The principle The principle of image rights is simple: permission must be obtained from the person appearing in the photos, and in the case of minors, from their parents. Parents are free to refuse to have their children's picture taken or to have the pictures placed on the unit's website, distributed during a dinner party or via social networks. It is therefore preferable to explain to the parents in which setting their child can be photographed, the use that one wishes to make of the images and the means of dissemination that the unit or section uses. Permission to broadcast Formal parental consent is required before authorizing the distribution of photos of their child(ren). This agreement does not give us all rights to the images: The published photos will be removed as soon as a person (parent or cadet) requests it. This document can be requested at any time from our secretariat.
  • Protection of personal data
    Our personal data protection charter complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The CRCM attaches great importance to respect for privacy. The protection of personal data is essential to us. This is why we provide you with our data protection policy in order to inform you as clearly as possible about the collection, use, confidentiality and security of the personal data that we collect.This policy applies to all services offered by the Royal Sea Cadet Corps.This policy is subject to the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 relating to the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data (DCP), as well as to the European Regulation EU 2016/679 relating to the protection of personal data. personal data, entered into force on May 25, 2018.

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